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About Us

About Us

The Queanbeyan Leagues Club is a part of the Canberra Raiders Group. The group comprises of 5 clubs in the ACT/NSW region and an additional 2 in Southern Queensland. This group also includes the NRL Canberra Raiders and the Queanbeyan Blues Rugby League teams.
The QLC itself was established in 1963 and currently employs approximately 80 staff. It is not only a major sponsor of the Raiders and Rugby League in general, but also sponsors a variety of other sporting bodies  including the Queanbeyan Hockey Club and the Queanbeyan Swimming Club. The QLC is also involved with a number of community organisations through the ClubGrants program.

Should you wish to approach the Club about sponsorship of your organisation, please submit a request in writing to the General Manager PO Box 274 Queanbeyan NSW 2620.

Club History

The Queanbeyan Leagues Club was founded in 1963. At the time gaming machines were not legal in the ACT so the QLC became the venue in the region.
In December 1972 the Queanbeyan Lea...

QLC Today

The QLC has had five renovations in its lifetime, each one making the Club bigger and better. In 2005 the Club underwent a massive renovation and refurbishment, taking over the site next door. ...